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Runs from Wednesday February 15 2023 to Saturday March 4 2023

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Erindale Studio Theatre
3359 Mississauga Road
Mississauga ON L5L 1C6

Show Notes


Alcestis Dramatic works by Ted Hughes

February 16-March 4 Erindale Studio Theatre

Marija Bergam (University of Bari) considers Hughes's translation of Euripides's play.

Alcestis (1999, started in 1993) has at its centre a marriage put to the most extreme test – the wife’s sacrifice in lieu of her husband – which both precipitates its crisis and finally proves its worth. This play is connected to Phèdre by the figure of Apollo’s son Aesculapius, who never appears in either, yet binds them together on the plane of the larger mythical narrative. It is Aesculapius who is said to have resuscitated Hippolytus, the persecuted virginal prince unjustly slain in the last act of Phèdre, and this deed earns him the punishment by Zeus’s thunderbolt, ‘a dim, forgettable cause/Of what is happening … to the dying [Alcestis]’[1]. Moreover, Alcestis derives directly from Euripides’s text (438 BC), or rather, from its English translations.

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